FASHION DIARIES || Baby, it’s really, really, super cold outside.

So, winter is in full swing here in “HOTlanta” (yeah…ok.) So you know I had to GTFO. These are some of my winter looks, along with some from my little weekend getaway to Miami (why isn’t it called HOTami or some shit..? You know, since it actually always IS HOT AS HELL down there.) Just wondering. Anyways, see below for some fashion inspiration for all my fashionistas. Since i’m super trendy and all.. Go with it.

Good Vibes Only,

XO Brandi


9 Gifts to get literally nobody, ever.

Unless you’re into this sorta thing.

In case you love pizza, but also Christmas
Who wants a shitty nights’ sleep?
Because bacon cat.
I’m sure you ravers will love this though…. it will match those ridiculous fur boots.
Cat Nirvana. That is all.
Who even has an iPhone 5 anymore?
For all you grammar correctors out there… You’re welcome. FYI yes, correctors is a word.

If you’re EXTREMELY strange and want a shirt with Albert Einstein on acid, feel free to get all of the above merch at

… Which, I unfortunately will not be visiting again anytime soon.

I’m a weirdo, don’t get me wrong. But I think this is a new low.