9 Gifts to get literally nobody, ever.

Unless you’re into this sorta thing.

In case you love pizza, but also Christmas
Who wants a shitty nights’ sleep?
Because bacon cat.
I’m sure you ravers will love this though…. it will match those ridiculous fur boots.
Cat Nirvana. That is all.
Who even has an iPhone 5 anymore?
For all you grammar correctors out there… You’re welcome. FYI yes, correctors is a word.

If you’re EXTREMELY strange and want a shirt with Albert Einstein on acid, feel free to get all of the above merch at rageon.com

… Which, I unfortunately will not be visiting again anytime soon.

I’m a weirdo, don’t get me wrong. But I think this is a new low.


Who made boujee a word?

First post; no pressure. Basically I went out and bought a waterfall trench coat and decided I could definitely write a fashion blog… But all jokes aside. I’ve been in and out of the fashion industry for years and it’s always been my passion. Oh, and good food is kind of my thing…. and dogs, and, well, anything that has to do with consuming alcoholic beverages for that matter. That being said I’m not a ‘cool girl.’ I can’t shoot whiskey and I’m not going to drink a beer just because we are at a baseball game. I’m going to walk out of my way to find somewhere with vodka, or wine. So boujee, I know. Enough about booze.. So, my dog is pretty awesome. When I first got him I decided to name him “Pucci Mane” you know, after Gucci Mane. People started spelling and pronouncing it wrong so needless to say things got really weird, really fast. I then named him Nugget, because I happen to be craving chicken nuggets at the time and the similarities between the two were uncanny. So, my little Nugget, AKA Sir Nugglesworth, AKA Nuggy Butt, and AKA Shithead (when neccesary) is my world. My mom has a bunch of fur grandchildren to look forward to, not real life grandchildren.. #nope #nope and more #nope. Anyway, I think i’m funny which is all that matters I guess.. so I plan on posting cool, hilarious stuff along with some fashion and food thrown in (you know, for good measure)

Oh, and PS it’s Britney Spears’ birthday. So, make sure to write some creepy instagram comments on her page to remind her we are all pretty much her stalkers fo’ lyfe.

Good Vibes Only,

XO Brandi