10257086_10152083808133014_6289933888971757946_n.jpgNames Brandi.

I could bore you with the long story (which I’m obviously going to..) BUT, in a nutshell; I like to take cool photos, cuddle my dog, eat good food, and drink fineeeeeee wine.

I was born in Colorado, and raised on a horse farm in Ocala, Florida. (AKA Slowcala for obvious reasons.) Moved to Georgia about ten years ago. Growing up was rough, and I was forced to do it early. Graduated high school when I was sixteen and moved to Atlanta on my own. Got a BS job to pay for my rented room while I went to school at Georgia State University. Studied fashion and marketing; and got a pretty killer job out of school. Ended up being “Head Fashion Designer” for a Fortune 500 company and completely re-designing and re-branding their product line. Since my concentration in school was marketing, after the company downsized it was difficult to get another job in fashion. (The fact that the fashion market is so saturated didn’t help..) Since then, i’ve been working random marketing positions and sales jobs and been looking for an outlet to start working towards my ultimate goal; a career in fashion. In comes Sunshine & Fine Wine. Where I get to share my passion for food, flavors, photography, animals, nature, and all things fashion. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting.

ASK ME HOW I can help build your product following by photography / product reviews!

Good Vibes Only,

XO Brandi






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